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Organizing of Hospital Nursing Services :: Hospiad

Nurse is the hub of all activities in the hospital specially management of indoor services. Nurse serves as a fulcrum, balancing on one side management of the word and patient care on the other side.She is responsible for provisioning services, ward sanitation and physical, emotional and psychological need of the patient.
Because of her close proximity to the patient and relatives, her role is very important in qualitative care in the hospital.
She is the in charge of the word and successful word management solely depends on her administrative, management and technical skills.
Her very presence in the ward , smooth-ens the entire word environment.
This shows the importance of a nurse in patient care services in the hospital.
In addition to nursing care nurses are also engaged in teaching, audit and research activities in the hospital.
In nutshell the nurse is the center of all activities in the hospital. Hardly any service is there which can function without the support of nursing staff.
Knowing the importance of a nurse in patient care, in this presentation we will discuss in short the planning, organization and management of nursing care services.

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Tuesday, April 12

Operation Theatre (OT) Services :: HospiAd

Art of surgery is created by the hands of a surgeon. These hands are of no use, if there is inadequate operation facilities. All surgical departments need a well equipped Operation Theater (OT) to work with.The surgical departments save the precious life through operation. About fifty percent of hospital beds are allocated to surgical departments signifying its importance.

With the introduction of super specialty services and gradual development in operation technologies , the designing of operation theatre is becoming more sophisticated and complex in nature.

This has warranted an intelligent planning and skillful organizing of a modern OT so as to meet the modern demand for surgery as well as, matching the expectations of the surgeons.

Therefore planning an OT has become more crucial. Certain aspects like clean environment, adequate safety of staff and patients, controlling of infection, are issues to be considered at the stage of planning itself.The above factors reflects the importance of organizing an operation theatre, depicting the technical and conceptual skills of a hospital Administrator.

The presentation on 'Planning and Organization of Operation Department' below discusses certain important issues which should be considered while planning and management of Operation Theater.

Sunday, April 10

Ward planning and management:: Hospiad

  • The primary role of the hospital is to provide curative care to the sick through provision of a shelter in the hospital, under direct supervision. 
  • It requires a systematically organized ‘In patient care’ facility. The organization of in patient service is very important because while providing curative care, there should be provision to look into the patients physical, emotional and psychological needs. 
  • The patient must feel at home having a clean, peaceful atmosphere, and adequate provision for self-entertainment.
  • The attendants visiting the patients must also be provided facilities to wait for some times, and must be satisfied with the hospital sanitation and type of care to their patient. 
  • There has to be adequate safety and security and privacy for the patients and nutritious diet during the stay.
  • All these issues must be given consideration while planning for inpatient housing by the hospital administrator.

The presentation on 'Organization and Management of In- Patient Services' looks in to all these angles for planning and organizing the hospital in-patient services.

Thursday, April 7

Admissions to Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management at IIHMR for Indian and Foreign Nationals : : 7 April 2011

Admissions to Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Management has been announced by Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) for Indian and International Students( Foreign Nationals/PIO/NRIs/Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries) for year  2011-2013.

List of  IIHMR Institutes:

  • Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur
  • International Institute of Health Management Research, Delhi 
  • Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore

 Refer website for complete  information:

You can refer the following links as well:
1.Announcment for Foreign Nationals
2.Admission Announcment 2011-2013

Important Dates: 20 May 2011 (Application Availability)
                           4 June 2011 (Application Submission)

It is always advised to find out all the neccessary informations and complete details before your next career move.
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Monday, April 4

Hospital Emergency Service :: HospiAd

There is a saying ‘The cleanliness of a village is known from the dhobighat’, a place where washer-man cleans the clothes.

Similarly the functioning of a hospital is known from visiting the Emergency Department.

Emergency is the gateway to the hospital, patients with pain and agony, relative emotionally charged enter the emergency department at any hour of the day or night, expecting immediate treatment and solace.

Here is how they are received, how to dealt with and how quickly they are attended to their grievances carries the importance for the entire hospital.

A satisfied patient from the emergency is a good messenger for the community . If he and the relatives are happy then it brings not only name and fame to the hospital but a precious life is saved.

Therefore, emergency department is one of the most important department within the hospital services.

The rapid urbanization, use of modern machines and transports has resulted in a rapid increase in Road Traffic Accidents and injuries.

Presently the Road Traffic Accidents is the 4th major killers among all sickness and injury requiring immediate attention there by increasing the load on emergency services.

It has compelled the planners to think about separate trauma care services.

Therefore, Emergency Services in a hospital requires skilled plannin. Provisioning and well equipped with skilled man power, adequate supplies and functional equipments and fleet of ALS ambulances to provide treatment at the site within the golden hour to reduce the trauma deaths.

The presentation below deals with the planning and organisation for an effective Emergency Services in a Hospital.

Friday, April 1

Admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management at ASCI-Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management : : 1st April 2011

Dear Redears,

Applications and complete information for Admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management at ASCI-Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management are available online at the Administrative Staff College of India website:

Last Date: 31 May 2011

It is advised to find the complete information about the course from the institute.
All The Best
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