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Nursing Services in (Hospital) :: Hospiad

Nurse is the hub of all activities in the hospital specially management of indoor servicesShe serves as a fulcrum, balancing on one side management of the word and patient care on the other side.

Nurse is responsible for provisioning services, ward sanitation and physical, emotional and psychological need of the patient. Because of her close proximity to the patient and relatives, her role is very important in qualitative care in the hospital.

Nurse is the in charge of the ward and successful ward management solely depends on her administrative, management and technical skills. Her very presence in the ward , smooth-ens the entire word environment.

This shows the importance of a nurse in patient care services in the hospital. In addition to nursing care nurses are also engaged in teaching, audit and research activities in the hospital.

In nutshell the nurse is the centre of all activities in the hospital. Hardly any service is there which can function without the support of nursing staff. Knowing the importance of a nurse in patient care, in this presentation we will discuss in short the planning, organization and management of nursing care services.


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