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News Fast-Track :: Hospiad

This initiative is to archive the great news snippets from the web which are related to the Hospital Administration. There are many achievements happening in many corners of the world as well there are many issues deserving a good discussion.

This would be an simple effort to archive all the relevant information in one place, All the post will be labeled News-Track for easy tracking.

Dated: 30th July 2011, Saturday:

  1. India's Public Heath Crisis: Government Responds:
    • Governments acknowledgement in this regard is the first step in bridging the gap. Only 1% of the GDP is spent on the public health, and plans to double it to 2% in the Five year plan starting from 2012.
    • Poor State of Public Health  out lined in 2005 gave birth to National Rural Health Mission (NHRM). As most of the Indian population still resides in the rural areas.
    • Developing world problems such as infant mortality, malaria & tuberculosis is now accompanied with rich-man's disease such as diabetes and heart disease.
    • Public Health as it falls under the State, situations varies from state to state from good (in Gujrat) to Bad (in UP), main reasons being corruption, misuse of funds, and many other irregularity. 
    • Will monetizing the Child birth in the Hospital work in long run, when the infrastructure to handle patients is not in place.
  2.  Ailing Health of Growing Nation

India supplies doctors to hospitals the world over. Within India itself, a thriving private health-care industry; serving a growing middle class and the wealthy; is a byproduct of the nation's economic ascendancy.

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Thursday, July 28

Hospital Paradigms :: Hospiad

Health : Have Effective Alternative Leading to Happiness

Hospitals: What They Are and How They Work

In this we will take a look on the pattern and model on which the Hospital and the Health systems should be working.

Hospital Administration Made Easy

Thursday, July 21

HAME-Hospiad-Conents-As-Presentation :: Hospiad

This is a MS-Presentation giving the overview of the Hospiad Contents, and the works for the future.

Wednesday, July 13

DNB (Hospital Administration) @ Dr. RML Hospital

 A career as a Hospital Administrator is exciting, fulfilling and demanding. Many young and energetic doctors and nurses are joining various courses relating to hospital and health administration, like PGDHHM, DNB (Hospital Administration), MBA. CHA and MHA to join the stream of trained hospital administrators.

I have been busy taking classes (Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners-Hospital Administration) this week at Dr. RML Hospital.

Monday, July 11

Hospital Transport Services :: Hospiad

Like any other offices the "Hospital" also has its Transport service. Among them the Hospital Ambulances occupy the central place called ‘Patient transport system’. It assist in Transport of sick/injured from periphery to the health center .
The most vital part of health Care delivery system and a vital link of the health care system. Effective medical care delivery by qualified and competent medical, nursing and para-medical staff at the site and during transport.
An efficient ambulance service is considered to be an essential of well organized segment of emergency and critical care service .

The ever changing concept of Emergency care
  • on the spot
  • during tpt.
  • ICU protocols
has brought a revolution in Ambulance Services.

The presentation deals with the type of ambulances, how these should be used how the services are organised and controlled at various levels.

Organisation of Medical Records :: Hospiad

RECORD is a in scripted information (regardless of physical format) that can be retrieved at any time. It includes all original documents, letters, photographs, books, blueprints, sound & video recordings and electronic data.

MEDICAL RECORD: The medical record is a clinical, scientific, administrative, & legal document relating to patient care. Here data written in the sequence of events to identify and locate the patient and justify the diagnosis, the treatment given and the final outcome.

The record contains observations regarding the patient history, physical condition, investigations, line of treatment, daily progress diagnosis and discharge/death summary, and cause of death.

"In view of this record carries importance not only to patient but also to the hospital, doctor and court of law as a legal document. It is also used for teaching, training, and medical research.
Looking in to the importance of medical records, its documentation, preservation and safety is very essential.This needs a group of specially trained and dedicated team of workers for its maintenance."

The presentation discusses how the records are created, how it moves and finally where it is stored and the various aspects of good record keeping.

Saturday, July 9

Blog Re-Indexing :: Hospiad

Dear Friends,

This is an attempt to re-index the blog and streamline all the posting in the relevant main topics. The blog posting are mainly divided into three main topics
  1. Hospital Management (Here)
  2. Health Management (Here)
  3. Health System Management (India) (Here)
All the earlier post will the moved and sorted into appropriate categories, this will help in cataloging the future posts also.

As myself and my team is new to this blogging, we are always trying to find out how to improve on the structure to present all the topics. So that they are easier to read, comprehend and referred back suitably
"Your Feed back will help us in motivating and continue in this endeavor. Please leave some constructive comments so that we could arrange to change the format of the blog accordingly"

Tuesday, July 5

Planning & Management of Hospital Mortuary :: HOSPIAD

Mortuary or Morgue is the place where dead bodies are preserved for a period before cremation. There is a slight difference between mortuary and morgue.
"All hospital death cases both MLC and Non-MLC , and all brought dead cases brought to Hospital are kept in hospital mortuary.While natural death occurring at home are kept in morgue which are usually operated by cremation ground authorities."
Mortuary Administration and Funeral ManagementHospital mortuary is a very important component of hospital as death of a patient occurring at odd hours cannot be taken home as they come far from areas. Further:-
  1. It is the moral duty of authority or relative to ensure proper respect and proper handling of the dead body after the soul leaves.
  2. Mortuary/ Morgue is the place where bodies are temporarily preserved before the cremation.
  3. Mortuary services are provided by the hospitals only to preserve the dead bodies in case of hospital death.
  4. It also keeps all Medico legal death cases on request of investing officer before a post mortem / autopsy is carried out.
  5. The mortuary comes under Control of Deptt. of Forensic Medicine where post mortem service is available.
  6. Where an autopsy is advised to ascertain cause of death it is under control of pathology department.
There is also a difference between Postmortem and Autopsy.
"Postmortem is carried out on the request of investigating officer/ police/SDM for investigating the cause of death.Autopsy is done by hospital to find out clinical cause of death."
For autopsy consent of relatives are required where as for postmortem no consent of relative is required being medico legal case.

The presentation describes the organisation and management of mortuary in a Hospital.

Monday, July 4

Hospital Security System :: HOSPIAD

Security is one of the main issues in any big organisation including Hospital.

Security in a hospital is most important because of:-
  1. Hospital is a people intensive place.
  2. Provide services to stick people round the clock.
  3. Any  body has an access to any part of the hospital any time for advise and treatment.
  4. The hospital atmosphere is always filled with emotions, excitements care and happiness, death and sorrow.
  5. The hospital staff operates in a tense atmosphere resulting in irritation, conformation, conflicts and aggression, threatening life of hospital staff.
  6. Hospital uses very costly equipments, fixtures and machines whose safety is essential. 
  7. Not only hospital but also safety of patients, attendants and their property is the moral duty of the hospital.

STEELMASTER Large Medical Security Cabinet, Dual Locks, 14 x 17.13 x 3.13 Inches, Sand (2019065D03)The organisation may have its own security personnel or can be hired from a recognized security agency.The number of security personnel to be deployed depend  on the size of the hospital and its lay out plan.

Deployment of security personnel only does not complete the security system unless they are provided with security gazettes like metal detectors, torch and baton and uniform.
With the advance of technology the organizations are moving towards close circuit TV and cameras in which security can be monitored and recorded 24x7 which can be reviewed latter if be needed.

The present presentation deals with the planning and organisation of security system in a hospital.

Sunday, July 3

Quiz Review :: Hospiad :: 3rd July 2011

Dear Readers,

We have been discussing many topics on Hospital Administration,Hospital Management, Career in Hospital Administration, Planning, Epidemiology, Epidemics, Health and Disease so far.

These are the series of quizzes to check your understanding from our previous blog post.

Before taking the Quiz on each subject, please go through the original posting we have made on the given topic, they are hyper-linked just before the quiz applet.

We are looking forward towards a constructive mode of communication with our new and regular followers.

Warm Regards

Hospiad - Hospital Administration Made Easy. 

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