Friday, March 23

Right To Information Act in Hospitals :: Hospiad

Every citizen under the constitution has a right to know the functional status of Government or Public offices. RTI secure access to information that is under control of Public Authorities.
The basic objective is, :
  • To provide a legal framework of citizens’ democratic right to access to information under the control of public authorities.
  • To promote transparency.
  • To promote accountability.
  • Better record keeping and decision making.

Ideals of any law which should provide transparency to its citizens must provide:
  • Maximum Voluntary Disclosures by public authorities.
  • Easily accessible – cost effective,
  • Provided in local language, and effective method of communication locally.
  • Independent and Non-judicial appellate mechanism.
  • Stringent Penalty for defiance of the act.
  • Empowerment of citizens as per the rights under constitution.
The presentation describes the salient features under this act, which was introduced in 2005 after repealing ‘The Freedom of Information Act, 2002’. Its policy , procedures , and penalty for noncompliance and how to generate awareness about the act among Indian citizen.


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