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Hospital engineering services :: Hospiad

One must be surprised, being a hospital administrator, what is the need of knowing engineering service. But one must not forget that:
  • Huge hospital buildings require maintenance and repair.
  • Hospital requires Electricity, water supply, air-conditioning, and sewerage disposal for 24x7 days of the year.
  • Hospital uses highly sophisticated, heavy equipments and machines for patient care.
Knowing engineering services helps the administrator to plan and take decision in time for smooth running of the hospital. Therefore Engineering Services are perhaps the most vital of the utility services in the hospital. The efficiency of entire patient care delivery system of the hospital depends on their efficiency. Even the slightest breakdown of power supply system, information system communication system or malfunctioning of vital equipment can have catastrophic effects.

The scope of engineering services in a hospital comprises of civil assets, electricity supply, water supply including plumbing and fittings, steam supply, central medical gases, air and clinical vacuum delivery system, air conditioning and refrigeration, lifts, public health services, lightening protection, structured cabling, communication system (public address system, telephones, paging system), TV and piped music system, non-conventional energy devices, horticulture, landscaping, fire fighting.

Last, but not the least, workshop facilities for repairs and maintenance of equipment. The scope of engineering services generally includes repair and maintenance of existing facilities to ensure optimum operational reliability, risk reduction and their safety for the patient, staff and public.

Initial planning and building the civil assets is to included in the scope of services. That’s why it is mandatory for a hospital administrator to know about engineering services.

The presentation describes in short the various type of emergency services required in a hospital setup and taking various preventing measures for safety of all and longevity of the buildings, systems and machines.


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