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Career as a Hospital Administrator :: HOSPIAD

Hospitals and the medical staff play a very vital role in our society. Each staff of a hospital contributes towards the well-being of individuals in the society. Doctors, nurses, technician, ward boy, attendant, cleaning staff, administrative person everyone has an unique role to play for smooth functioning of a hospital. This requires a strong administrative setup. As a result "Hospital Administrator” came into the picture. The Hospital Administrator, like doctor, nurse or any other staff of the hospital, plays a huge role in saving people’s lives, but the administrator does not need a scalpel!

Hospital Administrator help their medical staffs, have a hand in local publicity, technical and usually has a broad knowledge about health care business, policy and law and management of hospital staff, finance, material resources and services.

Therefore, a career as a Hospital Administrator is exciting, fulfilling and demanding. Many young and energetic doctors and nurses are joining various courses relating to hospital and health administration, like PGDHHMDNB (Hospital Administration), MBA. CHA and MHA to join the stream of trained hospital administrators.

I with my 20 years of experience as a Hospital Administrator have retired as Additional Medical Superintendent from Dr. Ram Monohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi in year 2010. I have been teaching the PGDHHM (IGNOU) and DNB students of Hospital Administration and even after retirement I am continuing teaching students at the hospital as a guest faculty.

Apart from this I thought of extending my experience and knowledge to many younger aspirants interested in a career in Hospital Admistration. This very idea motivated me to create this blog. What can be a better medium to share my experiences to a broader audience than creating a blog? This generation is utilising the technological advances which are easy and quick way of learning. I am also in favour of this and thought of utilising this technology for the betterment of society and self-contentment. This will help me understand and address the plight of a student in a much better way.

So, readers keep following the blog. Hope I can add something to your existing knowledge. I also welcome suggestions from my readers.


Dr. N C Das
Ex. Additional MS and
Guest Faculty
Dr.RML Hospital


  1. Thanks Sir, for taking this initiative to share your vast experience and knowledge in the domain of hospital management. Having seen you working from close quarters when you were in DDU, I am sure that the students of hospital management will stand to gain a lot.
    ashish arora

  2. who exactly is D hospital administrator, is he the head of the hospital? a support staff, a doctor, where is his place in the organogram of a hospital, (best practice/ standards),

    1. D is the director/ MS of the hospital and at the top of the hospital organogram

  3. thank you so much sir u are doing very good work...


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