Sunday, January 23

Choose your Aspiration Type and Level

Health administration today is the most challenging job. In this dynamic and ever growing field there are various scopes and opportunities, specially for doctors, such as health management, healthcare management, health systems management, health care systems management and medical and health services management. What is needed is the leadership, motivation and management skills to tap various resources from the diverse field of knowledge and utilize them in your carrier.

The question is how these changes can be faced, appreciated and accepted to use successfully in ones organisational interest. What is needed today is the principle of ‘Changed Management’

The field of healthcare is very vast. It stretches from the lowest level of a village Sub-Centre to a tertiary level hospital vertically and from Government Sector to voluntary, private and individual practitioner horizontally.

One has to think at which level he wants to work and make the change. But prior to that one should start from level zero to acquire necessary techniques by broadening his knowledge in the field of hospital administration and management to deal successfully with the changing situation, more specifically as per the need and desire of the community.

My endeavor in this regard is to assist you to bridge the gap between your present level and climbing up to the level of a trained hospital administrator.

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