Monday, January 31

Hospital As a System

A system is a set of interacting or interdependent units and sub-units forming an integrated whole with a clear-cut objective at each level working towards achieving the main objective of the system through the authority and coordination.

Human being is an unified system of various systems like, digestive, Circulatory, respiratory and excretory and so on controlled and coordinated by the Central Nervous system the ‘Brain’

Similarly Plants or any living body has a system for its functions and survival.

Leaving aside the living beings, the nonliving objects also functions as a system like, a machine, an organisation or an institution so as to fulfill their objectives.

A system may be open or closed.An open system is one which has to depend to some extent with outside environment to full fill the objective.A closed system is one which functions from within to full fill its objective not requiring much help from outside.

In the similar way Hospital also functions as a system to achieve its objective.More will be known from the simplified power point presentation to come in my next blog.

Hope it will help you to understand ‘Hospital as a System’.

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