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How Hospitals came into Existence? :: Hospiad

History of Hospital Development

Literature suggest that the church at Les Invalides in France showing the often close connection between historical hospitals and churches. Ancient cultures, religion and medicine were linked. The various methods of cure starts from faith in Gods and begins from churches, temples and idghas. 

Institutions created specifically to care for the ill also appeared early in India. The earliest surviving encyclopedia of medicine in Sanskrit is the Charakasamhita (Compendium of Charaka). 

There are also evidence of Hospital care at the time of King Ashok. Early hospitals in India were built by Ashok (273-232B.C) During that time even, the importance of nutritive value of fresh fruit & vegetables were known. Gentle care, personal hygiene and herbal medicines were given to the sick.The Allopathic system of medicine   was introduced in India in 16th century. 

A modern hospital has become highly scientific and complex institution over the years particularly in last three decades. This is due to introduction of diagnostic and therapeutic technologies.

The history of development of hospitals is quite vast and described by many. If you interested to know more then follow this link to  Wikipedia

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