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How the term "Hospital" originated?

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We are discussing about careers in Hospital Administration and various aspects related to it. Now before understanding Hospital Administration let us try to know how hospitals came into existance , who came up with this beautiful idea of creating hospitals for nurturing sick and suffering people of the society? Today let us know from where the very term of "Hospital" came?

Literatures shows that the name has originated from the Latin word ‘HOSPES’ The word hospes means “A Host or the Guest” and its other meaning is hotels. That means a place where people get food shelter and rest.
From this word “HOSPES “ two words were derived
i) Hospitalia
ii) Hospitum

The word hospitalia was originated from the word hospit( Noun is hospitale and adjective hospitalia) derived from hospes which , further meaning ‘a guest’.The word hospitum was also originated from the word ‘hospes’ which means an apartment for guests showing ‘hospitality’.

If we keep these words in sequence as:
Hospes            Hospitalia               Hospitum
Host                 A guest                  Hospitality 

Therefore, Hospital is a host showing hospitality to a guest; the patient.

In 15th century the word hospital was used in England to the place where the elderly, infirm people are kept. Only in 16th century the hospital got its name as an institution where sick and injured were given medical and surgical treatment.

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