Monday, February 14

Changing Role of Hospital

Growth of hospital organisation is slow but steady.

Gone those old days concept of ‘poor house’ where the relatives leave their patient to suffer and die. Then came the era of evolution of Hospitals where sick patients were kept overnight for treatment and cure.

Since then the role of Hospital is gradually changing from cure to health care and further to community care.

Change of Hospital role is related to change in technology and more knowledge about cause of disease and its prevention super added by many legal bindings and challenges.

The modern Hospital has become a complex organisation with new roles and extensive functions. With change in hospital role the manager’s view point in hospital management is also changing.

Let us find the changing role of the hospital and how new functions have been added to expand the Hospital role through this presentation:


  1. very useful for clinician doing administrative works particularly in the public sector. your presentation will give a kind of confidence. especially for administrator it will work as a guidebook

  2. Thank you Dr. Rajesh
    Keep giving your valuable opinion. We can use this as a platform for open discussion.

  3. your presentation made me curious to know about hospital administration

  4. Thank you sir for your help!! It really helped me and I'm sure its going to help others as well. Please keep helping us this way with other topics in hospital management as well especially the finance part


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