Monday, February 21

Hospital Administration Vs Hospital Administrator :: Hospiad

Hospital administration is the management of the hospital as an Organisation. The administration is made up of medical and health services managers and assistant administrators.
The duties of the administrator, depends on the size of the Hospital.Role and responsibility varies according to the hospital size and Objective.
A Hospital Administrator Should have a specialized Post- graduation degree in Hospital Management. He must have Specific Attributes with Managerial and Administrative skills.
He has to have specific roles and responsibilities not only for hospital but also for the patients and community. 

To know what are the qualities of a good Administrator and what role he has to perform go to the Presentation.


  1. Medical assistant help with an assortment of tasks including checking patients in, taking vital signs, and medical accounting like updating and filing charts. Medical Assistants also may give shots, and some assistance with medical billing and insurance coding.

  2. "Thanks hangrt for your comment.

    I agree to the first part of your comment to some extent regarding the role of medical assistant,but this chapter describes the qualities and roles of a Hospital Administrator such as, Medical Director or Medical Superintendent of a hospital and not the Medical Assistant."

  3. Will be updating the PPT soon !!

  4. Dr. Das, excellent compilation of information and really feasible presentation. very useful...

  5. I certainly agree, does anyone know a good site for Medical Assistant Salary? any help will very much appreciated


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