Wednesday, June 15

Hospital Challenges :: HAME :: 15 June 2011

It has already been emphasized that with changing role the challenges of Hospital has increased two fold in complex modern Hospitals to day.

The challenges are not faced from within the hospital only, but from outside and in view of first development in modern technology.

Internally, the Hospitals are not only facing the crunch of trained administration, but also there is acute shortage of financial, personal and material resources. There is shortage of adequate trained man power in modern medical applications. Apathy of doctors, nurses and medical staff due to increase pressure of work. Ever-increasing demands of patients for new technology.

Externally, the competitive market, concern for quality and rapid expansion to meet the patient’s aspiration. Over and above, the Hospitals have to comply with Government Laws and Act.

Patient satisfaction and Public relation are emerging as greater challenges for hospitals to tackle with.In an environment full of challenges has made the management to find new management techniques to cope with.

What are the challenges of the hospital and how to overcome them is described in this presentation to give an idea.

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