Monday, March 14

BMW Management

We will be discussing three topics which are related to epidemiology in contest to hospital. These are ‘BMW’, ‘HIC’ and ‘House Keeping’

Today we will discuss the topic about ‘BMW’.

What is BMW? Not the car, but ‘Bio Medical Waste’!! Bio Medical Waste is the waste which is generated in a hospital or laboratory having the potential of spreading infection.How such waste can be handled and disposed off by a hospital in compliance to ‘BMW Rule’ is called its management.

Hospitals have the potentials of generating a large quantity of such waste on daily basis which needs to be scientifically segregated, collected and disposed off daily to prevent infection.

Therefore, to ensure safety of staff, patient and the environment the Govt. has notified ‘Bio medical waste (‘Management & Handling rule’ 1998), under Environmental protection act 1986.

What is Biomedical waste, there classification how it is segregated, collected and to be disposed off have been presented in short in this presentation of ‘Bio Medical Waste Management’.


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