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Like day and night, Health and Disease are the two sides of the same coin. These are critical concepts in bioethics having far-reaching social and political implications. There has to be some standards that can be used to assess whether people are ill or not.

Concepts of health and disease also connect themselves with environmental issues and theories of well-being.It is very complex to define what is health and disease. When person is well, and when sick. No single factor can decide this. Multiple factors are to be taken in to consideration to define what is health and what is disease.
Health is multidimensional, which explains its criticality, similarly disease is also difficult to define, which has different stages and occurs when there is an interaction between host and disease agent in a suitable environment.

Similarly there are some factors which influence health and certain conditions which are responsible for diseases condition.

Health is multidimensional, when a person is having healthy body, mind, and environment it is called positive health.
If he is sick, weak, bodily and depressed due to environmental and social factors it is called negative health or absence of well-being.

Similarly, Agent ,Host and Environment constitute the ‘Epidemiological triad’. When there is an interaction between the host (human being)

And the agent(Organism responsible for the disease) in a suitable environment, then the disease process starts. It is called as ‘Natural history of disease’.

WHO has defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of any disease or infirmity”. 
What is health, what is well-being, the factors influencing health, what are dimensions of health and how the disease process starts and how it can be controlled.How can person live a disease free life and how diseases can be prevented?

To get an answer to the above quarries let us go to this simple presentation.

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