Thursday, March 10

How to Manage an Epidemic?

In the earlier chapter we discussed about how to investigate an epidemic.

The role of the administrator does not end with the finding the cause of the epidemic.Once the cause is known action should be taken to control it for the present and to prevent it for the future.To control the ensuing epidemic is a team effort of doctors, nurses and paramedics and the population at large.

Therefore the effective management of epidemic depends on the co-operation of individual, family ,  community and the medical fraternity as a whole. The management of epidemic starts with forecasting an ensuing epidemic and getting prepared for it.

It is followed by investing the natural history of disease, causative factor and the mode of spread so that control measures can be accordingly initiated.
Once the epidemic is under control action should be taken how it can be prevented in future.

The present presentation gives you a bird’s eye view of the steps in epidemic management, explaining the above issues.

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