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There is a saying ‘The cleanliness of a village is known from the dhobighat’, a place where washer-man cleans the clothes.

Similarly the functioning of a hospital is known from visiting the Emergency Department.

Emergency is the gateway to the hospital, patients with pain and agony, relative emotionally charged enter the emergency department at any hour of the day or night, expecting immediate treatment and solace.

Here is how they are received, how to dealt with and how quickly they are attended to their grievances carries the importance for the entire hospital.

A satisfied patient from the emergency is a good messenger for the community . If he and the relatives are happy then it brings not only name and fame to the hospital but a precious life is saved.

Therefore, emergency department is one of the most important department within the hospital services.

The rapid urbanization, use of modern machines and transports has resulted in a rapid increase in Road Traffic Accidents and injuries.

Presently the Road Traffic Accidents is the 4th major killers among all sickness and injury requiring immediate attention there by increasing the load on emergency services.

It has compelled the planners to think about separate trauma care services.

Therefore, Emergency Services in a hospital requires skilled plannin. Provisioning and well equipped with skilled man power, adequate supplies and functional equipments and fleet of ALS ambulances to provide treatment at the site within the golden hour to reduce the trauma deaths.

The presentation below deals with the planning and organisation for an effective Emergency Services in a Hospital.

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