Sunday, April 10

Ward planning and management:: Hospiad

  • The primary role of the hospital is to provide curative care to the sick through provision of a shelter in the hospital, under direct supervision. 
  • It requires a systematically organized ‘In patient care’ facility. The organization of in patient service is very important because while providing curative care, there should be provision to look into the patients physical, emotional and psychological needs. 
  • The patient must feel at home having a clean, peaceful atmosphere, and adequate provision for self-entertainment.
  • The attendants visiting the patients must also be provided facilities to wait for some times, and must be satisfied with the hospital sanitation and type of care to their patient. 
  • There has to be adequate safety and security and privacy for the patients and nutritious diet during the stay.
  • All these issues must be given consideration while planning for inpatient housing by the hospital administrator.

The presentation on 'Organization and Management of In- Patient Services' looks in to all these angles for planning and organizing the hospital in-patient services.

There are various ward designing and creating facilities; it is the role of the administration to choose the best under the available situation.


Hospital Administration Made Easy

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