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Hospital Lab Services :: HospiAd

Laboratory services are essential to health care delivery.
The hospital lab offers the convenience of local service, and familiarity with both the outpatient and his physician. They address both preventive and curative activities, i.e. patient diagnosis, and the selection of drugs for treatment. They are also an indispensable tool in the surveillance and control of diseases.

Improved disease recognition will improve the accuracy of statistical reporting, and thus effective national health planning.

The Lab services are broadly divided in to two categories  
  1. Pathological Lab
Clinical labs are attached to various clinical departments such as:-
  1. Cardiac Lab
  2. Respiratory Lab
  3. Neurology Lab
  4. Psychiatric Lab and so on
Pathological Lab comes under one deptt. of pathology having various branches such as:-
  1. Hematology
  2. Bio- chemistry
  3. Microbiology
  4. Cytology
  5. Histopathology and so on.
The presentation describes about the planning and organization of a pathology department in a hospital.

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