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Imaging Services & Radiology Department:: Hospiad

Several accidental coincidences lead to the discovery of X- rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in the year 1895. Since then a long-long way has been covered in this field. No medical science has seen such rapid change as Radiology, especially in the past few decades.

At the same time, No medical science has met the challenge as Radiology to move forward in an era of rapid change in medical technology. Because of these rapid changes in the field of imaging, the Radiology department has got the new name of Imaging department.

With rapid change in investigation technology, there is a continuous changing demand in the field of radio diagnosis and imaging service. Resulting in an advanced, and detailed systematic planning and organizing.

The major components of Radiology/ Imaging services are:-
  1. X- ray Machines
  2. Ultrasound Machine
  3. Doppler Machine
  4. Computer assisted Tomography (CAT Scan)
  5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  6. Position Emission Tomography (PET)
  7. Mammography
  8. Nuclear Imaging System

To manage such large number of sophisticated machines whose rays/emissions are hazardous to humane population calls for a critical planning taking in to consideration the safety aspect of patient , public and the department staff.

The following presentation shows some important aspects of planning and organisation of Radiology department of a hospital.

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