Wednesday, May 4

PROGRESSIVE PATIENT CARE(PPC) : : Hospital Administration Made Easy

Each patient does not require same level of nursing care. The nursing care need of a patient depends on the intensity of sickness of the patient.

Therefore the nursing care need of the patient is based on the concept of progressive patient care.It means the level of nursing care need of a patient changes with the progress in his sickness condition.

Therefore, “Progressive patient care is defined as the organization of hospital facilities, services and staff as per the medical and nursing needs of the patient”.

This concept does not take in to consideration the age, sex or type of disease but the essentiality of nursing care needs.

Why this concept is important, how the patients are categorized under this concept , advantages and short coming of such division is described in short in this presentation on "Progressive Patient Care"


Hospital Administration Made Easy

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  1. Welcome Back Sir,

    Its Always a great experience to learn from a person with a great experience !!



  2. dear Dr. Das,
    I am a surgeon and was trained in RML hospital 1988-96.
    i have now done MBA (HCA) and now i want to pursue Administrative Jobs in Hospital.
    Your ppt Presentations are amazing and comprehensive. you have put tremendous effort in these . i am really thankful to you. I would like to be your student for further training.

    Thanks and regards

    Dr. Rajiv Khanna


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