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Management Information System for Hospitals :: HospiAd

IT is the system in which the various information is used for management of Hospital functions as under:-
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and interpretation of data for effective use as information.
  • Helps in better planning, monitoring and control of medical and health services.
  • Monitoring of identified indicators helps in improving of the efficiency and
  • Performance of health delivery system.
    • Hospital safety
    • - Analysis of information helps in better decision making.
The various information collected for information management of hospital are:-
  • Morbidity Rates
  • Mortality Rates
  • Level of staff training and efficiency
  • Level of functioning of various areas of hospital like Labs, Xray, Blood Bank, CSSD, Sanitation etc.
  • Admission, Discharge and Death.
  • ALS, Bed occupancy, Bed turn over rates
With the modern technological development the whole system is being computerised with LAN (In-House Networking). Designing of the MIS should be relevant to the objective function of the hospital. 

The present presentation discusses about all these.


Hospital Administration Made Easy

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