Tuesday, June 21

Hospital Dietary Services : Hospiad

There are certain group of services without support of which a Hospital cannot run smoothly. These services are called support services. We will take these up in the some of the following posts. 

They include:-

b) Linen and laundry services
c) Dietary services
d) Housekeeping services
e) Hospital transport
f) Hospital mortuary

These services are called ‘support services’ because these are essential to run the hospital, but these may become part of Hospital services or these can be out sourced or shared with other Hospitals.Hospital Dietary Services is one of such support services.

If it is out sourced then it supplies patient diets only, but if it is a part of hospital then it provides other facilities also like:-
  • Provisioning of hospital diet.
  • Diet counseling
  • Dietary education

The objective of a Hospital dietary service is to make provision for clean, hygienic and nutritious diet for the indoor patient as per their caloric requirement.

The Present presentation explains the various components and there planning. organisation and functions.


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