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Hospital Laundry - Planning & Management : Hospiad

The main functions of a Hospital Laundry are:-
  1. To supply clean and adequate quantity of washed linen.
  2. Supply to be made on regular basis.
  3. In a acceptable quality and within a reasonable cost to the hospital.
  4. Steps to be taken to prevent cross infection.
  5. Supply of good, clean and fresh linen to patients, is a method of great satisfaction for patient and increases the public image of the hospital
Laundry service being a supportive service can also be out sourced. There are three types of provisioning Linen in the Hospital :-
  1. Mechanized Laundry in the hospital.
  2. Out sourcing of Linen supply.
  3. Co-operative hospital Laundry.
Mechanized laundry is the best service method of linen supply for a large hospital because:-
  • Loss and damage to linen reduced.
  • Regular, quality linen supply ensured.
  • Safe handing of soiled and infected linen.
  • Complete control on washing formula for different types of linen.
The following presentation discusses the planning and management of a Mechanised Laundry in a large Hospital .


Hospital Administration Made Easy


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