Tuesday, June 28

Planning and Organization of CSSD :: Hospiad

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) is one of the important supportive services. In this modern age of concern for quality and reducing the hospital infection rate the CSSD plays an important role.

The major functions of a CSSD are:-
  1. It is a service responsible for processing, issue and control of sterile supply for use to various hospitals.
  2. The Central Sterile Supply Department is one of the important supportive services without which no hospital can provide infection free atmosphere.
  3. It helps to promote and provide an efficient, economic, and   uniform source of sterile supply and other equipment.
  4. Institute quality control measures and research.
  5. Provide trainings to medical and nursing students.
  6. It is responsible for providing same standard of cleaning and sterilized supply to all areas of the hospital there by controlling hospital infection.
  7. It cuts down much of the time of Nursing Staff used in sterilization, thereby making available more nursing time for patients.
  8. By reducing hospital infection it cuts down the average length stay of patient.
  9. Provides a safe environment for the patients and staff.
  10. There by provide a better doctor- patient relation. 
Looking to the above aspects it clearly reflects the important role of CSSD.This needs meticulous planning and organisation of this service in the Hospital
The present presentation discusses about these issues.


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