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Hospital Security System :: HOSPIAD

Security is one of the main issues in any big organisation including Hospital.

Security in a hospital is most important because of:-
  1. Hospital is a people intensive place.
  2. Provide services to stick people round the clock.
  3. Any  body has an access to any part of the hospital any time for advise and treatment.
  4. The hospital atmosphere is always filled with emotions, excitements care and happiness, death and sorrow.
  5. The hospital staff operates in a tense atmosphere resulting in irritation, conformation, conflicts and aggression, threatening life of hospital staff.
  6. Hospital uses very costly equipments, fixtures and machines whose safety is essential. 
  7. Not only hospital but also safety of patients, attendants and their property is the moral duty of the hospital.

STEELMASTER Large Medical Security Cabinet, Dual Locks, 14 x 17.13 x 3.13 Inches, Sand (2019065D03)The organisation may have its own security personnel or can be hired from a recognized security agency.The number of security personnel to be deployed depend  on the size of the hospital and its lay out plan.

Deployment of security personnel only does not complete the security system unless they are provided with security gazettes like metal detectors, torch and baton and uniform.
With the advance of technology the organizations are moving towards close circuit TV and cameras in which security can be monitored and recorded 24x7 which can be reviewed latter if be needed.

The present presentation deals with the planning and organisation of security system in a hospital.


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