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Planning & Management of Hospital Mortuary :: HOSPIAD

Mortuary or Morgue is the place where dead bodies are preserved for a period before cremation. There is a slight difference between mortuary and morgue.
"All hospital death cases both MLC and Non-MLC , and all brought dead cases brought to Hospital are kept in hospital mortuary.While natural death occurring at home are kept in morgue which are usually operated by cremation ground authorities."
Mortuary Administration and Funeral ManagementHospital mortuary is a very important component of hospital as death of a patient occurring at odd hours cannot be taken home as they come far from areas. Further:-
  1. It is the moral duty of authority or relative to ensure proper respect and proper handling of the dead body after the soul leaves.
  2. Mortuary/ Morgue is the place where bodies are temporarily preserved before the cremation.
  3. Mortuary services are provided by the hospitals only to preserve the dead bodies in case of hospital death.
  4. It also keeps all Medico legal death cases on request of investing officer before a post mortem / autopsy is carried out.
  5. The mortuary comes under Control of Deptt. of Forensic Medicine where post mortem service is available.
  6. Where an autopsy is advised to ascertain cause of death it is under control of pathology department.
There is also a difference between Postmortem and Autopsy.
"Postmortem is carried out on the request of investigating officer/ police/SDM for investigating the cause of death.Autopsy is done by hospital to find out clinical cause of death."
For autopsy consent of relatives are required where as for postmortem no consent of relative is required being medico legal case.

The presentation describes the organisation and management of mortuary in a Hospital.

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