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Research is the application of systematic, innovative technologies in the field of health and nursing to increase quality, efficiency, effectiveness and cost control in health care activities.
    Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic: Inside One of the World’s Most Admired Service Organizations
  • Promoting health and preventing disease.
  • Improving quality of life through self-management, symptom management, and care giving.
  • Eliminating health disparities.
The research in a hospital assists in:-
  • To validate improvements in health care practices.
  • To make healthcare efficient and cost effective.
  • To improve quality of patient care.
  • To improve level of patient satisfaction.
The various attributes of Hospital research are:-
  1. Research is always directed towards the solution of a problem.
  2. Research is always based on empirical and observational evidence.
  3. Research involves precise observation and accurate description.
  4. Research emphasize to the development of theories, principles, and generalizations.
  5. Research is characterized by systematic, objective and logical procedures.
  6. Research is marked by patience, courage and measured activities.
  7. Research requires that the researcher has full experience of the problem being studied.
  8. Research is replicable.
Research uses systematic method of problem-solving. In research the factors which are not under study are used as controlled. Research requires full skill of writing report and presentation.

The presentation discusses the various types of research which can be undertaken in a hospital, how to conduct a research and how to present or write a research proposal.

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