Friday, September 2

Hospital Public Relation :: Hospiad

We have discussed earlier in the hospital system that there is a patient system.
Each and every hospital staff comes in contact with hospital patients at some or other form and one or other times. We have also discussed that hospital system is an open system because of its dependency on the external environment
A hospital cannot exist without dependency or good relation with patients and other public institutions as its basic motto is ‘good patient care’ This type of relation is called ‘Hospital Public Relation
If a hospital has to achieve name, fame, morale and prestige for the institution in the eyes of the public, then it has to create and strengthen contacts that can contribute to the development of mutual understanding, respect and reciprocation between the hospital and its public. Therefore, public relation is one of the important component of the hospital and it is a challenge to the survival of the hospital in the community.

Along with keeping a good relation to provide the level of patient and public satisfaction, the hospital needs cooperation goodwill of other public institutions on which it it depends to perform its task satisfactorily.

The present presentation highlights the various factors and issueses which needs consideration to develop a good hospital publid relation support.


  1. Dear Sir
    i am Jitendra Choubey workin as Manager Public Relation, KRIMS Hospital Nagpur. i would like to thank you for this precious artical :-)


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