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Consumer Protection Act :: HospiAd


We have already discussed the various challenges facing a Hospital. To again summarize:-
  • Rapid development in Med. Tech.
  • Increase Health awareness of people
  • Rapid Urbanization
  • Increase demand for better facilities
  • Active participation of Media
  • Legal involvements in hospital affair
  • Maintaining peaceful internal environment
  • Increased Political interference
  • Better and quick communication facilities
  • Competitive private health care facilities
  • Increase in Senior Citizens
  • Higher level of consumers expectations
  • Marketing of hospital services
  • The biggest nature of challenge is from the Wish list of health care institution, expanded need list of professionals and demand list of users (patient), people and community
All these challenges may lead the hospital vulnerable under ‘Consumer Protection Act’ The consumer Protection Act (1986) came into force on 15th April 1987. The Act was amended by the CPA amended act 2003and in force from 15.3.2003. It has a three tier quashi judicial machinery of administration and re-dressal system.

The provisions of this act are in addition to and not in degradation of any other law for the time being in force. The sole aim of this act is “To protect the interests of the Consumer.” In view of the risks under CPA all medical professionals must know:
  1. What is the content of this Act.
  2. What are various implications
  3. How to protect you and your hospital from the clutches of this Act.
All these are discussed in detail in the following presentation.


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