Thursday, February 23

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Gone are those days when people use to worship ‘Doctor as God’. There believes that whatever a doctor is doing is in their best interest is being eroded due to:-
  1. Emerging new technologies for diagnosis and treatment  
  2. More complicated diagnostic procedures
  3. Increasing awareness of people about their health
  4. Introduction of CPA
Now patient has discretion to decide what is good or bad for him. Under the circumstances, consent has become the critical issues in all areas of medical treatment.

Consent is perhaps the only principle that runs through all aspects of health care provisions today. It also represents the legal and ethical expression of the basic right to have one's autonomy and self-determination for maintaining a healthy life style.

Patient need to give valid consent to medical treatment; and it is his prerogative to refuse treatment even if the said treatment will save his or her life. For this reason Informed consent has become so important, for the defense of both the doctor as well as his patient, even from the legal point of view.

Therefore, it is essential on part of all treating physicians to know about the consent on their daily practice.

In this presentation it has been tried to give a glimpse of different type of consent, how it should be taken, how the patient to be explained, when consent is must and conditions where consent is not required, so as to guide you in your every day practice.

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