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Medico Leagal Case Management :: Hospiad

Forensic Medicine deals with medical aspects of law and medico legal case management. 

Laws regarding MLCs have been described under different part of IPC. In simple language it is a medical case with legal implications for the attending doctor where the attending doctor, after eliciting history and examining the patient, thinks that some investigation by law enforcement agencies is essential.

Every doctor under law bound by a contract to serve its patient and cannot refuse treatment. Every doctor has to fulfill certain legal requirements in service by compulsion or voluntarily as defined under law.

Medico legal case (MLC) examination and reporting is one of the legal responsibilities of all doctors working in a hospital.

Apart from his routine and usual “clinical” cases, a doctor will come across certain ‘Medico-legal’ problems at one time or the other during the practice of his profession. Many a practitioners are usually apprehensive in dealing with these cases as they feel, an MLC (Medico-legal Case)means involving one in police case. Because of this “fear-factor”, they either try to avoid the cases or try to manipulate them as non MLC.

A good working knowledge of the law in this regard, coupled with a thorough understanding of the correct method of dealing with such cases helps one to build confidence over riding the fear of MLC.

In the presentation efforts have been made to guide the medical professionals how to deal with a MLC case in a step by step manner and certain issues relating to medical case records.
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