Tuesday, February 28

Patient Satisfaction :: Hospiad

Patient satisfaction is the core objective of any kind of Medical practice. Patient satisfaction needs total quality management. Both the staff as well as patient are satisfied when the patient’s expectation and perceptions are fulfilled by the organisation.

It is therefore a team effort of various categories of staff in the organisation as well as an effective leadership.

Here are many factors within the hospital which influence Patient satisfaction and these results in:
  1. Greater profitability.
  2. Improved patient retention and patient loyalty.
  3. Increased patient referrals.
  4. Improved compliance.
  5. Improved productivity.
  6. Better staff morale.
  7. Reduced staff turnover.
  8. Improved collections.
  9. Greater efficiency.
  10. Reduced risk of malpractice suit.
  11. Personal and professional fulfillment.
  12. Name and fame to the organisation
The objective is to develop a quality assurance system in the Hospital.

The presentation describes in brief the patients need, expectations and how to develop the patient care and feedback system to obtain maximum patient satisfaction.


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