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Disaster Management :: Hospiad

W.Nick Carter defined disaster as:
An Event, Natural / Manmade, Sudden/ Progressive, which impacts with such a severity, that the community has to respond taking exceptional measures.”
It can also be called as a phenomenon involving extensive ecological disruption leading risk to life, property and health to an extent warranting extra ordinary response from outside the affected area.

When a Disaster takes place it is the expectation of the public that the public authority should immediately respond with adequate support and rescue measures. This required disaster preparedness based on a scientific, feasible and effective disaster action plan and regular practices. To make it more effective it requires capacity building of local people to face such a situation boldly with locally available resources till the outside help reaches them. Tackling a disaster is not only the responsibility of the Public authority, the local people equally join hands to meet the challenge with a team effort.

The presentation describes the type of disasters, how to get prepare and manage the effects of disaster, at the site and at the hospital. It also describes the actions to be taken post disaster.

Hope this will guide the administrators prepare a good disaster plan and effectively deal with such a situation.


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