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Fire Safety Management :: Hospiad

A complete disaster plan needs to be prepared for fire management. It is activated when the hospital buildings are affected in fire disaster. Action plan should clearly mention:
  1. Alternate site (Dharmashala, Temple, Schools, Playground nearby) .
  2. Folding tents, cots, trolleys for temporary shelters.
  3. Identify a nearby tent house to provide beds,blankets.
  4. TPT for transportation of cases to alternate sites or hospital.
  5. First aid and drug kits, potable lights.
  6. Portable communication system.
  7. Identify local voluntary organization, who can provide services of care, food and water.

There are basically two types of fire management systems.
  • Central. 
  • Local.
Central system, comprises of Water tank, water hydrants, connecting pipes water sprinklers, smoke detectors and fire alarms.

The Local system, comprises of fire extinguishers, and fire fighting equipment.

The staff is regularly trained to use these equipment. Fire protection should be incorporated in the building plan itself. The “National Building Code of India”, 1980, issued by the Indian Standards Institution, serves as excellent references to safety management for infrastructures. There should be standard procedure for detection, communication and evacuation in case of fire.

The presentation provides an outline about the fire control system and how to act in case of a fire disaster.


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