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Nursing Audit :: Hospiad

It has already been discussed, that nursing audit is a part of clinical audit. But because of the following nursing audit has been given special importance. With the implementation of CPA professional accountability to an enlightened public can no longer be ignored by nursing staff.

Quality nursing care” has become essential on day to day functioning. Nursing audit is a way of ensuring quality nursing care. It is a process of examination scrutiny by qualified nursing personnel to identify, examine, or verify the performance of certain specified aspects of nursing care by using established criteria.

Nursing audit assists in:
  1. Evaluating Nursing care given, 
  2. Achieving deserved and feasible quality of nursing care,
  3. Stimulating better nursing records maintenance,
  4. Focuses on patient care provided and not on care provider,
  5. Contributes to research in nursing.
Over all it helps to assess the extent of nursing care provided to patient in the world. Though the steps of audit are similar to clinical audit, the mode approach is slightly different as described in this presentation.

Nursing Audit

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