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Repair and maintenance of existing facilities to ensure  optimum operational reliability, risk reduction and their safety for the patient, staff and public is the objective of maintenance. The quality of engineering services in terms of their outcome and ability to satisfy the expectations of clientele, both internal (doctors / nurses / technicians / management) and external (the patients / their relatives as well as the regulatory authorities) depends on effective maintenance.

Expectations of the Patients
  1. There is a regular and uninterrupted power / water supply, the communication system and a comfortable environment (lighting, ventilation, humidity, noise / odor level).
  2. Failure of these services is not the cause of any untoward effect, on their treatment / chances of recovery.
  3. The service should be able to provide to them an atmosphere like their home atmosphere.
Expectations of the Doctors / Nurses / Technicians
  1. The services optimize the comfort level of the patient.
  2. That the services are adequate enough to support the timely performance of the diagnostic / therapeutic procedures
  3. The communication system is efficient and fully reliable
  4. The services do not, in any way, adversely affect the treatment of their patients.

Expectations of the Management
  1. No complaints from the patients, staff or the regulatory authorities.
  2. Safety of patients, public and staff from all possible hazards related to the facility management.
  3. Minimum possible cost of maintaining / operating the facilities / equipment under the charge of the department.

Expectations of the Regulatory Authorities
  1. Absolute compliance of all legal provisions and no incidence of violations of the laws.
  2. Complete safety of the patients, relatives, public and the staff.
  3. No complaints from the public about environmental nuisance.

In view of this Equipment maintenance is one of the vital components of any hospital service and attention to be paid on above factors.

This presentation is made with the extracts taken from a WHO presentation indicated on it. Hope it will be of help  and a guide for hospital equipment maintenance.
Maintaining equipment

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