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Hospital Administration Made Easy 

Hospitals and the medical staff play a very vital role in our society. Each staff of a hospital contributes towards the well-being of individuals in the society. Doctors, nurses, technician, ward boy, attendant, cleaning staff, administrative person everyone has an unique role to play for smooth functioning of a hospital. This requires a strong administrative set-up. As a result "Hospital Administrator” came into the picture. The Hospital Administrator, like doctor, nurse or any other staff of the hospital, plays a huge role in saving people’s lives, but the administrator does not need a scalpel!

Hospital Administrator help their medical staffs, have a hand in local publicity, technical and usually has a broad knowledge about health care business, policy and law and management of hospital staff, finance, material resources and services.

Therefore, a career as a Hospital Administrator is exciting, fulfilling and demanding. Many young and energetic doctors and nurses are joining various courses relating to hospital and health administration, like PGDHHM, DNB (Hospital Administration), MBA, CHA and MHA to join the stream of trained hospital administrators. 

Many eminent authors and Management experts have written books for these courses. And students are reading these books, but most of these are very descriptive and students do not grip the substance of the topics easily and can’t asses what to write, how to write in the examination.

After going through various books on the subject and my long experience as a hospital administrator, I have attempted to simplify various topics of the course for easy understanding and getting a birds eye view of these topics, which can be helpful in having a broad idea of the subject and further easy understanding of course books.
All the topics are in the form of Presentation for easy understanding and open for discussions. My effort is solely to help the students in their attempt to become a successful Hospital Administrators.

All The Best!

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