Wednesday, February 9

Hospital As an Organisation

After knowing the hospital as a system, let us know how hospital functions as an organisation.

Organising is the process of grouping the various activities in to workable units and connecting them through authority, control and co-ordination so as to perform identified jobs for achieving organisation objectives.

Every organisation has a structure called ‘Organogram’ and the structure varies according to function.

Each organisation has distinct structure, objective and function, therefore differs from each other.

Organisation structure forms the basic skeleton of the organisation, which are:-

a) Helps to identify in consistencies and complexities in the organisation structure.

b) Helps to identify major line of decision making authority.

c) It indicates the employees there position, status and role in the organisation.

Each organisation, therefore has its own peculiarity to ensure its effectiveness.Similarly hospital is a social organisation and a rational combination of the activities of a number of persons with different level of knowledge and skills for achieving a common goal of patient care through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility.

Hospital organisation is very peculiar and differs from other organisations. Hence called a ‘MATRIX’ organisation.

To know what are the peculiarities of hospital, how it functions as an organisation, how it differs from other organisations, let us see this simple presentation.


  1. Hi. Not sure if this was done elsewhere - but what are some of your abbreviations? ADDL, MS, ADDL MS, DDA, JR etc


  2. Excellent Blog, sir pls post about SWOT analysis of engineering services in Hospital


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