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Blood Transfusion Services: : Hospiad

Blood has been classified as a drug like any other drug.As a drug blood is more dangerous than narcotic drugs as it is transfuse directly in to circulation.

Though blood saves life of a person in need it can take the life instantly, if it does not match with the blood type of the patient.
Therefore blood has to be safe, free from all infections and compatible to recipient blood .

Blood is the life line of all living organism.Once the blood flow is stopped the organism is dead.Blood is a product not available to purchase from market.One individual has to donate blood for others need.

Collection of blood from one individual and putting in to the body of other is called transfusion.Blood needs to be collected and safely stored to be used in emergency.The collection , storage, distribution needs to be done in a safe environment.That’s why the blood transfusion service is so importantTherefore it needs a well organised ‘blood transfusion service.

The objective of this service is to provide “Safe Blood’ to the patient in need.It needs careful planning, organizing keeping in mind the safety and quality of blood.This service is available to them who has a valid license from State Drug Controller.

The ‘Blood Transfusion Services’ has been presented in two parts:-
  1. Planning and Organisation of services (Part 1)
  2. Quality and Risk management.  (Part 2)

Please Check the upcoming post for the discussion on the Quality and the Risk Management of the Blood Transfusion Services in the Hospitals. (Part 2)

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