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This initiative is to archive the great news snippets from the web which are related to the Hospital Administration. There are many achievements happening in many corners of the world as well there are many issues deserving a good discussion.

This would be an simple effort to archive all the relevant information in one place, All the post will be labeled News-Track for easy tracking.

Dated: 30th July 2011, Saturday:

  1. India's Public Heath Crisis: Government Responds:
    • Governments acknowledgement in this regard is the first step in bridging the gap. Only 1% of the GDP is spent on the public health, and plans to double it to 2% in the Five year plan starting from 2012.
    • Poor State of Public Health  out lined in 2005 gave birth to National Rural Health Mission (NHRM). As most of the Indian population still resides in the rural areas.
    • Developing world problems such as infant mortality, malaria & tuberculosis is now accompanied with rich-man's disease such as diabetes and heart disease.
    • Public Health as it falls under the State, situations varies from state to state from good (in Gujrat) to Bad (in UP), main reasons being corruption, misuse of funds, and many other irregularity. 
    • Will monetizing the Child birth in the Hospital work in long run, when the infrastructure to handle patients is not in place.
  2.  Ailing Health of Growing Nation

India supplies doctors to hospitals the world over. Within India itself, a thriving private health-care industry; serving a growing middle class and the wealthy; is a byproduct of the nation's economic ascendancy.

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