Tuesday, August 9

News Fast-Track, Sep 2011:: Hospiad

  1. For New and Improved NRHM:
    • The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) has been described as one of the largest and most ambitious programmes to revive health care in the world and has many achievements to its credit. It seeks to provide universal access to health care, which is affordable, equitable, and of good quality. It has increased health finance, improved infrastructure for health delivery, established institutional standards, trained health care staff and has provided technical support. It has facilitated financial management, assisted in computerisation of health data, suggested centralised procurement of drugs, equipment and supplies, mandated the formation of village health and hospital committees and community monitoring of services. It has revived and revitalised a neglected public health care delivery system. MORE
  2. IBM India Announces Shared University Research (SUR) Awards:
    • New Delhi: IBM (NYSE:IBM) today announced prestigious Shared University Research (SUR) awards for different Smarter Planet projects in collaboration with five leading educational institutes of India - IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, College of Engineering Pune (CoEP), Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) and PSG Tech, Coimbatore. The award, totaling U.S.$250,000, will include technical collaboration with IBM experts, access to IBM software and high performance computing required for the successful completion of projects related to healthcare and education. MORE
  3. "Binary Spectrum" to present - Technology and Innovation in Public Health- at Next Generation Healthcare Informatics Conference 2011 :
    • (openPR) - Binary Spectrum proudly announces its participation in the Next Generation Healthcare Informatics Conference 2011 wherein the CEO would address the audience on “Technology Innovations in Public Health”. The Conference is being organized by IQPC and is being held in New Delhi, on the 18 and 19th of October, 2011. The event is being endorsed by the Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. MORE
  4. Tele-medicine gives medical aide over phone at all corner of the world:
    • Can the best medical practitioners be available at every corner of the country? Certainly not. But thanks to telemedicine, their consultations can now be availed oversees and in the rural nooks too. To this end, IT should be integrated in every aspect of healthcare. MORE
  5. Bring Trauma Center into operation soon:
    • KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population urged the Bir Hospital to bring Trauma Center into operation to the earliest. 
      The ministry has urged the hospital management to run the service saying the infrastructure development of the Trauma Center was already constructed in the hospital premises. The Government of India provided the financial support for the construction of the center. MORE 
  6. Now Available, India's first safety IV cannule to end needle stick injuries:
    • Forty-year-old M.K. Maan of Mecmaan Healthcare has come up with a safety intravenous cannule, a device that prevents needle stick injuries among healthcare workers. 
      It eliminates the chances of needle stick injuries and blood borne infections among the healthcare providers during the needle withdrawal and disposal. MORE


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