Sunday, July 3

Quiz Review :: Hospiad :: 3rd July 2011

Dear Readers,

We have been discussing many topics on Hospital Administration,Hospital Management, Career in Hospital Administration, Planning, Epidemiology, Epidemics, Health and Disease so far.

These are the series of quizzes to check your understanding from our previous blog post.

Before taking the Quiz on each subject, please go through the original posting we have made on the given topic, they are hyper-linked just before the quiz applet.

We are looking forward towards a constructive mode of communication with our new and regular followers.

Warm Regards

Hospiad - Hospital Administration Made Easy. 

Quiz 1: General Quiz :: For Reference See Here


Quiz 2: Epidemilogy Quiz :: For Reference See Here


Quiz3: Epidemic Quiz :: For Reference See Here


Quiz4: Hospital Administration Made Easy Quiz :: For Reference See Here


Quiz5: Hospital As a System :: For Reference See Here


Quiz6: Changing Role of Hospital :: For Reference See Here


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