Monday, February 28


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The Idol of Hospital has been constructed in previous presentation.

Now we have to decorate it with inclusion of various hospital services there in, but, this is only possible when I receive comments on previous presentations, and so you have to wait till then.

Today we will be discussing on a new subject, ‘The Epidemiology’
Most of you who have a medical background, have read about epidemiology in your graduation courses. Epidemiology is at the core of Public health. It assists in identification of health related conditions and suggests how to control and prevent them to stay healthy.

What is the concept of epidemiology, how it helps in health administration and the factors responsible for causing ill health conditions are explained in this presentation.

Thursday, February 24

Planning for a New Hospital

Let us recapitulate what we have discussed so far. We started with an introduction to career as Hospital Administrator, and the various opportunities available to serve as administrator in the field of Health.

Then we discussed how the name ‘HOSPITAL’ originated and various definitions of hospital.

After this , tried to know more about hospital, like Hospital system, peculiarities of Hospital as an Organisation, with passage of time how the role and function of the hospital is changing(ref) and challenges being faced by the modern hospitals(ref).

Finally we tried to acknowledge the qualities and roles of a Hospital Administrator.

Now we will prepare the Idol of the Hospital and ornament it with various services step by step.

We prepare Idols of Ma Durga, Ma Saraswati, Lord Ganesh and so on, then we decorate them with ornaments and Instruments to give them a complete shape before we start Worshiping.Similarly the Idol of the Hospital starts with planning for a new hospital.

The planning of a hospital begins with formation of a planning team. What is this planning team? What is the necessity of such a team and how it functions?

Planning of a new hospital starts from selection of site to commissioning of the hospital. There are various important steps in hospital planning and each step has its own importance.

Therefore, we will discuss step by step how a new hospital is commissioned from its stage of planning in the today’s presentation.

Monday, February 21

Hospital Administration Vs Hospital Administrator :: Hospiad

Hospital administration is the management of the hospital as an Organisation. The administration is made up of medical and health services managers and assistant administrators.
The duties of the administrator, depends on the size of the Hospital.Role and responsibility varies according to the hospital size and Objective.
A Hospital Administrator Should have a specialized Post- graduation degree in Hospital Management. He must have Specific Attributes with Managerial and Administrative skills.
He has to have specific roles and responsibilities not only for hospital but also for the patients and community. 

To know what are the qualities of a good Administrator and what role he has to perform go to the Presentation.

Monday, February 14

Changing Role of Hospital

Growth of hospital organisation is slow but steady.

Gone those old days concept of ‘poor house’ where the relatives leave their patient to suffer and die. Then came the era of evolution of Hospitals where sick patients were kept overnight for treatment and cure.

Since then the role of Hospital is gradually changing from cure to health care and further to community care.

Change of Hospital role is related to change in technology and more knowledge about cause of disease and its prevention super added by many legal bindings and challenges.

The modern Hospital has become a complex organisation with new roles and extensive functions. With change in hospital role the manager’s view point in hospital management is also changing.

Let us find the changing role of the hospital and how new functions have been added to expand the Hospital role through this presentation:

Wednesday, February 9

Hospital As an Organisation

After knowing the hospital as a system, let us know how hospital functions as an organisation.

Organising is the process of grouping the various activities in to workable units and connecting them through authority, control and co-ordination so as to perform identified jobs for achieving organisation objectives.

Every organisation has a structure called ‘Organogram’ and the structure varies according to function.

Each organisation has distinct structure, objective and function, therefore differs from each other.

Organisation structure forms the basic skeleton of the organisation, which are:-

a) Helps to identify in consistencies and complexities in the organisation structure.

b) Helps to identify major line of decision making authority.

c) It indicates the employees there position, status and role in the organisation.

Each organisation, therefore has its own peculiarity to ensure its effectiveness.Similarly hospital is a social organisation and a rational combination of the activities of a number of persons with different level of knowledge and skills for achieving a common goal of patient care through a hierarchy of authority and responsibility.

Hospital organisation is very peculiar and differs from other organisations. Hence called a ‘MATRIX’ organisation.

To know what are the peculiarities of hospital, how it functions as an organisation, how it differs from other organisations, let us see this simple presentation.

Wednesday, February 2

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